"...For the sake of clarity, I have combined several classic definitions in order to give you an inclusive and accurate understanding of what Eros is. To the ancient Greeks, Eros was both a God (Romans called him Cupid) as well as a feeling. The Greeks referred to this “intimate love” as an overwhelming, passionate, madness from the gods. Plato described Eros as “neither purely human, nor purely divine, but rather an intermediate.”(Symposium) He also believed that Eros can contribute to an understanding of a deeper truth about beauty. In more recent times, psychologist Sigmund Freud defined Eros as life force, the will to live, and the desire to create life, while his contemporary, Carl Jung, offered that Eros is the opposite of Logos (rationality) and classified it as a desire for interconnection and interaction with other humans..."

-From the Artist's Statement (EROS, 2/1/2016)